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Garden Services

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Sunstone Garden LLC is a full-service Gardener in Struthers, Ohio. We look at each garden as a micro-ecosystem and treat it as such. Sunstone uses only natural materials & methods such as living mulch, compost mulch, proactive weed control, and educated prevention to create a permanent low-maintenance space. We hope to turn the current landscape options of the area on their side and offer a more natural and unique approach to your outdoor spaces.


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Individual Services:

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Gardening Services by Season

In our zone, 6b, it's important to stay on task in order to have a successful and extended gardening season. Check out our services by season timeline below.


Early Season:(March- May)

Get started on your gardening adventure with Sunstone this year! We start the season by doing garden tasks such as early weed prevention, rototilling, soil amending, planting, and more! Early in the season is also a great time to let Sunstone come and build you a new garden. We build custom raised beds, remove sod and till new beds or extend the ones you have.


Mid- Season:(June- August)

Whether your landscape or garden weeding has gotten out of hand, your bushes need a trimming or you're not sure what you need, Sunstone is here for you. We are available and tailor our time to your needs whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we have a plan that works best for you and your budget.


Late Season:(September- November)

Later in the season, you'll probably need some weeding and that's ok! We're here to help you get your garden back on track. We can help with a variety of late- season chores too such as deadheading, perennial plant cleanup, dahlia tuber care, labeling, and storage, putting your garden to bed for the winter and so much more!

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