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Garden Planning & Seed Starting

Want to start a garden this year? Luckly, you've found us! From small indoor kitchen gardens to full sized outdoor garden beds, Sunstone can come help you make a plan, find the supplies you need, choose the best seeds or plants, and get you on track to creating the garden of your dreams. 


Early Planning & Journaling

No matter what time of year it is, planning is vital for success. Sunstone has access to some of the best tools in the industry. There are tools available for many planning styles. Whether you prefer journaling, charts & graphs, photo collages or would rather go with the flow, sort of speak, we can come help you start planning your garden.


Indoor Seed Starting & Supplies

Lights... camera... action.... Umm sort of. Sunstone can direct you to the best equipment, grow medium, and seeds based on your goals. Unsure of where to start or what to do? After you acquire the supplies you need, we can come out and help with setup and seed sowing.


Seedling Care & Transplanting

After we're done planning and choosing the right equipment, soil, and seeds, you now have cute little baby seedlings. What do you do to help them thrive and to grow into the best mature plant they can be? Sunstone can help with early seedling development, troubleshoot common problems that may arise, and help harden them off when the time comes.

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