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Our Mission

"Sunstone Garden LLC will promote and preserve the necessity of gardening as a fundamental skill."

We believe that our goal can be achieved by two things:

1.) By planting seeds


2.) By implementing our personal motto, "Creative empathy exceeds the purest intent." Irisa Green- 2016

  • Sunstone goes beyond good intention to change people's perspective of the gardening industry in order to preserve gardening as a necessary skill in the future by forming creative personal relationships with our clients and by educating people about modern as well as historical eco- friendly garden practices.

Who We Are & What We do

Sunstone Garden LLC is a woman-owned and family-operated company in Struthers, Ohio that is comprised of founder, Irisa Green, (Gardener and handcrafter), her husband, Daniel, (who oversees the hardscaping and woodworking faucets of Sunstone), and a team of seasonal gardeners.

SERVICES: From March until October, Sunstone provides residential and commercial garden maintenance & installation to the Mahoning Valley. We offer services on a one time or routine basis. In addition to providing support with planning, installation and maintenance of various types of gardens, one of our favorite services that Sunstone offers is garden assistance where Irisa and her team of gardeners go out and help aging gardeners with various garden chores. Though there is much crossover into landscaping, it's important to note that Sunstone is NOT a landscaping service. A few things set us apart from conventional landscape companies of the area. Learn more & view our gallery here ------> GARDEN SERVICES


SHOP: Throughout the year we participate in several local markets. When we aren't gardening, we handcraft various garden supplies and gifts. We also harvest, label, and hand package fresh herbs, dry herbs, pressed flowers, and more from Sunstone's garden here in Struthers, Ohio. Visit our shop here ------> THE GARDEN SHOP

SHARE: We are currently working on a mobile learning garden, sometimes called a "Garden-on-the-Go" which will debut at a market in May of this year. It will be the first of its kind in our area. Our mobile garden will create a unique, hands-on learning opportunity where there otherwise may not have been for adults, and kids alike. Read more here ------> MOBILE GARDEN

How it all Began

3-10-2016, a photo of the actual flower and the moment that lead me to discover a flickering light in the darkness which grew into a full, shining business.

Why did I name my company Sunstone?

Simply put, it resonates so deeply for me both nostalgically and presently. My most peaceful moments are those when the Sun is beaming down on my body with it's warmth, guidance and reassurance. Sunstone possesses energy as bright and cheery as its vibrant aesthetic, the Sunstone is linked with the playful whimsy of childhood. While maintaining the daily stress of adulting in the modern world, Sunstone reminds us to keep a healthy balance between daily demands and fun in the sun.

3-10-2016 the flower that got me interested in gardening for others.jpg
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