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Image by Mike Erskine
Gardening Assistance

Are you an aging gardener who loves tending to your garden but finds it increasingly difficult? Sunstone is here to help! Our unique assisted gardening services have been keeping people in their gardens for up to 5 seasons longer than they would have been able to on their own. We encourage you to continue gardening with us for as long as you can, and when the time comes that you need a little extra help, we'll be there to assist you. Our goal is to ensure that you can continue enjoying your garden for as long as possible without worrying about the physical demands of gardening. We encourage folks to garden with us until they can't and then stick around to enjoy the company and relax while we do the work. So why not join us and experience the joy of gardening for years to come?


Gardening for Gardeners

We invite you to work alongside us. This option is perfect for the home gardener who wants to keep all of the benefits of having a garden without having to go it alone. Something can be said for a gardener who doesn't like to quit. Even if you no longer have the mobility or energy, you should still be able to have a garden. That's where Sunstone comes in. We love gardening for you, and we would love for you to keep us company while we work. Keeping a garden is directly linked to personal longevity and creates happiness and peace where it otherwise might not be.

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