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Mobile Learning Garden

It started from a thought I had in 2018 while sitting behind my table at a local Farmer's market, "Why can't I have a mobile garden bed and greenhouse to bring with me to market?" It's finally coming to fruition this year! In order to expand Sunstone's overall goal, Sunstone will be bringing a unique, hands-on gardening experience to local markets, and community outreaches in Northeast, Ohio. 

Follow us around as we bring a unique, hands-on learning experience to the Mahoning Valley! For kids AND adults!


What is a Mobile Learning Garden?

A mobile learning garden, sometimes called a "Garden-on-the-Go", is a traveling, temporary outdoor space for people to engage in inquiry-driven, project-based learning. It is designed specifically to get people involved in gardening and creates a unique learning opportunity for the young and old alike. 


What to expect...

In 2023, Sunstone's learning garden experience will start out with a mobile garden bed. We'll demonstrate best practices and techniques in the garden, show basic mechanics and purpose using several educational components, i.e., micro greenhouse, root viewer, square foot templates, irrigation tools & more).  Adults can learn about various gardening techniques and get answers to common gardening questions that arise during your visit at our booth. Additionally, kids can "play" in the garden and take home a little activity such as a planted seed.


Sunstone's mobile learning garden bed is a rectangular, mobile temporary planting unit, designed by Irisa Green and built by husband, Daniel Green. The very first of its kind in Northeast, Ohio, our mobile learning garden experience is a constantly evolving and growing project that will be debuted for the first time in North Lima, Ohio in May 2023. By September 2023, our mobile learning garden will be comprised of two parts, a mobile raised bed and a cold frame greenhouse.

You can find us at outdoor markets and community events and as word spreads, Sunstone Garden will hit the road to visit assisted living facilities, schools, and other community outreaches in the Valley.

Range of Use

  • Markets & Events

Come see us and learn about gardening for FREE​

  • Facilities Directors, Educators, and Master Gardeners

Email to schedule a day/ time to rent our mobile learning garden and its components. Fees are based on the proposed use of equipment (such as whether or not you will be creating your own curriculum and self-teaching or if you need us to provide in- person support.) We work primarily on a barter system and any monetary donations will be 100% used for the expansion of the mobile garden.

  • For- profit Markets & Venues

Email at least two months in advance of your event. Availability is on a first reserved basis.

  • Other ideas for use, feel free to email us.

Goals & Expansion

Going further into the future, on or before 2028, We are looking to expand our mobile learning garden experience by increasing the size of our setup until we have a full-size, walk-in, touring mobile setup that will make stops at markets. Our unit will also be available on a rental basis to facilities, schools, markets, and other community events around Northeast Ohio. **Feel free to reach out if you would like to help in some way to accelerate the expansion of our mobile learning garden experience! email

Irisa Green

Owner of Sunstone Garden LLC

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Mobile Learning Garden
Micro Greenhouse
Root Viewer
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