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Landscape Gardening

Even if you had your landscape installed with less maintenance in mind, it might not have ended up being as maintenance free as you anticipated. For those who aren't "into" gardening and prefer to have plants and bushes that require as little care as possible, Sunstone can help. Some common landscape chores we offer are hedge and bush trimming, weeding, mulching (*see mulch & compost page), planting, small bush and plant removal, landscape design and redesign, edging, pruning, disease diagnosis/ treatment, and so much more!


Perennials & Flowering Shrubs

If you want a low- maintenance landscape and you want flowers to bloom, it's important to choose flowers that thrive with as little maintenance as possible. We'll start by showing you the options of perennial flowers and shrubs that would work well in your space based on your style, budget, and overall goal. 


Weeding & Seasonal Cleanup

In Ohio the seasons are ever changing. With that said there comes maintenance even in the landscapes that are supposed to be less work. We offer seasonal cleanup. Most of our early Spring and late Fall schedule is tailored to cleaning up the garden.


Troubleshooting & Transplanting

Sometimes problems arise in the landscape around your home. Sometimes bushes start to drop leaves, sometimes perennials aren't blooming the way they should. Even in the simplest of landscapes, things can go wrong. Sunstone offers transplanting, rearranging of plants, small shrub removal, and more to get your garden to the vision you have in your mind.

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