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I made these bracelets as a garden- twist on those trendy "wish bracelets" that you often see. If you aren't familiar with these bracelets, the concept is that they are not meant to last forever. The bracelet is durable but if it should happen to break or get lost, then, you make a wish! You can choose to say the simple message that i've written on the card,


"In your mind,

Plant a wish.

Wear this Sprout,

Upon your wrist.

If it wears,

do not Gloom.

The wish you made,

Might just Bloom!"


Cute huh? The whimsical illustration was drawn and this cute little poem was written by Sunstone owner, Irisa Green (me).

Wish Sprout Bracelet

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Make a wish!
    • One size fits most
    • Double slide fastener
    • Made of glass beadwork & hemp cord
    • A cute poem & whimsical color pencil illustration by Irisa Green.
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