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You get (1) one Rice Bag and (1) Cover.  The entire rice bag is microwavable and freezable. It's made of 100% premium cotton muslin (bag) and 100% cotton (or cotton flannel, check specs) printed fabric (cover).   I use 100% cotton thread to double reinforce all seems.


I introduced this large sized rice bag to my product line in October of 2022 after several inquiries were made by customers during the Christmas in the Woods festival in Columbiana, Ohio. They wanted a rice bag with the same weight as my regular bag but needed the extra length for wrapping across their shoulders, around their neck, around their limbs, and across their back for pain in those areas.

I doubled the length of the original rice bag which boasts a new, nearly 2ft length and kept the same width at 4.5”. Just like the original size rice bag, this one also has a removable, washable cover. This cover has a traditional pillowcase style opening and slides off easily to wash, dry, and reuse.

Keeping the user in mind, I added an additional feature that you don’t often see with other rice bags. The rice is sewn into 6 divided pockets for even heat/cold distribution and to prevent the rice from sliding to one side or the other during use. Combining the original weight, the new length, and the even distribution, The pressure is perfect!

Calico Cats Rice Bag & Cover

Excluding Sales Tax |

    • Dimensions: 23" x 4.5"
    • Weight: 19oz
    • microwave (hot)/ freezer (cold) therapy options
    • removable, washable cover
    • double stitched with 100% cotton thread
    • inner bag; 100% cotton muslin
    • cover; 100% premium cotton FLANNEL fabric
    • Original pattern and item made by, Irisa Green, owner and gardener at Sunstone Garden LLC
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