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Vegetable Gardening

Backyard vegetable gardening can be extremely rewarding. There is a lot to be said about the work that goes into starting a garden. Sunstone has the experience necessary to help whether you are starting your 1st garden or your 50th garden. Some of the common vegetable garden chores we offer are, rototilling, soil sampling, composting, transplanting, planting, weeding, plant supports, edging, critter control, disease diagnosis, harvesting and so much more.

Rototilling & Soil Preparation

We'll start your garden by rototilling. Rototilling breaks up large dirt clumps, chops up short weed or plant growth, and aerates the soil so vegetable or flower roots can spread quickly. We can decide if you need to incorporate fertilizers or compost into your garden, rototilling is a quick way to work the material into the soil evenly.

Planting & Weeding

Once your garden is rototilled and the soil is fertile, we can start planting. For those plants that grow tall or wide, supports made from wire, bamboo, wood, or other garden safe materials may be necessary. We'll determine what support systems you may need and install them for you. Once everything is planted, during midseason, you may need weekly or biweekly weeding. Sunstone uses only manual weeding methods, picking weeds by hand or with garden tools.

Diseases, & Critters

Sunstone can help you identify the culprit or disease in your vegetable garden. Most of the time we can determine what is eating at your garden by photo or with a short visit. From there, we can direct you to the best barrier or disease solution for you. Sunstone works with humane and organic vegetable garden critter control and disease treatment only, methods used since the dawn of time.

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